Welcome to the Gates Ideas website. Look around to find information about available topics for workshops, keynote addresses, conference presentations, resources, and consulting services that I provide. I bring to the table 40 years of classroom teaching experience in public education and a passion for the meaningful use of all things technology to empower educators to find and use the right tool(s) and strategies for the job.

I believe it is not about the tool itself, it’s all about getting the kids actively engaged in their learning and becoming true digital citizens. That means having the ability to locate, evaluate and understand information from the Internet, and being able to manage it and create meaning from it. I want to instill a sense of awareness, purpose and urgency with our teachers and students. I can help teachers create a collaborative and cooperative meaningful learning environment in their classrooms.

I developed and have been teaching a 3-credit graduate course called “iPads in Education I” for Wilson College through Eduspire both online and at various locations throughout PA. The course is ideal for the novice user yet comprehensive enough for others. My goals are to get teachers comfortable with the technology and confident in their ability to teach with it. It is about making sure the students do more with the iPADS than just play with apps. I have written an “iPads in Education II” course first offered in the summer of 2015. Check out the Eduspire website for future locations.

Check out the “Services” and “What I’m Doing” tab on this site. I am available to conduct a variety of professional development workshops, hands-on workshops, presentations, and keynote addresses for teachers, administrators, parents and focus groups. I am currently doing workshops on how the IPads change the overall practice of teaching and learning.

While reviewing the services included here, check out my TEDx talk entitled “Why School Is More Important Than Ever”. I welcome the opportunity to talk with you. I can be reached through the “Contact Me” tab or by telephone at 717-773-6526.

James Gates, Consultant

“I learned an incredible amount from taking this iPads in Education course, it in general, has completely transformed my thoughts on teaching and how my students could and should be learning. I really enjoyed every part of this class and completing this exercise. I’ve learned an immense amount of information and I am excited to try the tools and apps in my classroom this year. ” – Megan S., Bellefonte School District

“Jim talks about important educational technology priorities every district should embrace and practice, and puts it “all” into perspective.” – Melanie W., Palmyra Area High School

“I thoroughly enjoyed your session. Not only was your message one that I applaud, but you are a wonderful “deliver-er”.  An essential combination and really effective in inspiring educators!” – Tara P., Perkiomen Valley School District

“I think the gift of being able to tell an engaging story that directly relates to the learning is most important. You definitely have that gift” – Lori R., Arin Intermediate Unit

“Excellent vision of tech in education….” – Thomas M., Quakertown Community School District

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