Professional Development

These are some sample Awareness Sessions and Hands-on Workshops that I have conducted in the past, but is not a complete list. Contact me to discuss other session ideas that you may have. Some of the topics can also be conducted remotely via skype as needed.

Keynote Speaker

I am available to give “Keynote” addresses on any of the workshop subjects listed under the “Services” category. I make every effort to deliver my presentation so that my audience will leave excited about integrating technology in their classrooms. I strive to get them to understand the nature of the changes that are happening online, and how those changes impact teaching and learning.

Return On Investment Evaluations

Imagine a school where students and teachers are effectively finding, managing and sharing their online resources and appropriately using copyright friendly media. Imagine a school where students and teachers are using 21st Century skills to analyze, create, and collaborate.

My goal is to help school districts create real 21st Century learning environments for their students.

I will work with districts to:

  • evaluate existing understanding and uses of technology by the staff, focusing on the return on investment (ROI) with regard to teaching and learning
  • consider how technology can help address areas of concern in the PSSA tests
  • examine current technology offerings in their Professional Development plan
  • assess how current use of technology addresses ISTE NETS standards for students, teachers and administrators
  • analyze how current uses of technology can better support the district in its efforts to implement PA’s Standards Aligned Systems (SAS)
  • suggest ways to help administrators recognize the many possibilities that current technology provides for deepening student learning

Based on evaluation of the above, I will suggest an affordable, workable, and sustainable plan that meets the goals and objectives of the district. Contact me for more information about how my services fit your goals and needs.

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