Hands-on Workshops

(Can either be half or full day workshops – meant for hands-on instruction)

iPads – Out-of-the-Box

This full day session is, in my opinion, a necessity for those who are just getting started on the ipads. We’ll look at the settings, learn keyboard shortcuts and great tips, learn to use Safari, and we’ll end the day talking about workflow from students to teachers. Don’t assume that the teachers will just ‘pick this stuff up.’ A good foundation is critical to the effective and efficient use of the device.

How iPads Change Teaching and Learning

You know how to find and install apps, and how to set your wallpaper, right? Now, let’s dig in deeper and talk about how to teach with them. How will students share their work with you? How will you grade their work and send it back? How is teaching and learning different when all students are carrying an iPad? What are the limitations? This is not an iPads for dummies session. This will be hands on work, with dialog and collaboration and practical examples and discussions. It’s not about how the iPads are similar to laptops, it’s about how they are different.

Google Chromebooks – Making it Work for You

In this full or half day session we’ll explore some of the many extensions for the chrome browser that will make the chromebook an even more flexible and powerful learning tool. And, if you’re a 1:1 school, we’ll talk about how you and your students can manage your digital resources.

Rethinking Professional Development

When many of us think about how our professional development days are structured, we recall creating accounts, struggling with logging in, learning where to click and (hopefully) why, and ending the day with not enough time to practice. I believe that the days of teaching where to click are over. What’s needed now is instruction on how to structure a class when using technology. What are the logistics? What are the expected outcomes? What skills are needed by both students and teachers? And, a true understanding of the kind of learning that takes place in a technology rich lesson. Will it be as effective as it would be with the more ‘traditional’ approach? This session models two lessons in which teachers are students who are asked to research a topic and create a project to demonstrate their understanding. It will involve higher order thinking skills, and it will model classroom management and technology skills.

Digital Literacy Skills

Here we investigate some basic skills that I believe all students and teachers should possess before graduating from high school. From research skills to RSS, from creating hyperlinks to finding and using copyright friendly images, and from document management to presentation skills, we’ll explore these skills hands on.

Getting Started with Blogs and Wikis

In this workshop we not only set up a blog and a wiki account, but we review some outstanding examples of their uses. These two tools, I believe, have the most potential to dramatically engage students. We’re not using the tools for the sake of the tools, we use them for what they do for our student’s learning.

Alternatives to PowerPoint

The web is packed with sites that allow users to create excellent presentations, complete with voiceovers, and then embed them onto web pages. These sites are perfect for digital story telling projects, lessons, and just plain PowerPoint alternatives. We’ll also show some ways of getting around the email requirements for creating accounts.

Google Docs for the Classroom

This works best as a full day session, although we can modify it into a half day if necessary. Users will create an account and learn the basics of using Google Docs, from word processing to Spreadsheets and presentations. We’ll see how to share documents, keep alerted to changes, and even how to mange the documents. In the second half of the day we’ll learn how to embed files, create and embed forms, and how to present with the presentation tool and the chat feature. The focus will also be on how the tools change the classroom dynamics.

Survey of Google Tools

This, too, works best as a full day session. We look at many of the tools from Google, from collaborating on Google Maps to sharing Google Calendars. We set up a Google Reader account and subscribe to RSS feeds. We look at the Google Scholar, custom web searches, Google news, and much more. This session is designed to assist the teachers in their understanding of how the tools work as well as how they can be used with students to facilitate powerful learning opportunities.

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