These are some of the pdf versions of the slide decks that I use in my presentations. If I’ve forgotten one, let me know in the Contact Me page and I’ll get it up here right away.

PETE&C 2014
Bookmarklets for iPads

PETE&C 2012 Presentation – “Reconsidering Computer Class” – If our computer classes are still focused on teaching Microsoft Office, then we’re missing a wonderful opportunity to teach some of the skills that our students need in order to be successful today.

Rethinking computer class – PETE&C

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TechitU Keynote – “21st Century Classroom” – This points to a page with my presentation. The original presentation included videos, which, of course, are not there.

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Twitter in 60 Seconds


This changes everything – pdf (1) – a pdf version of a Keynote slide deck for the presentation entitled, “This Changes Everything.” Variations of this presentation have been given in several locations.

An ‘ad’ for a wiki workshop. This was just a little advertisement to get folks interested in learning more about wikis.




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