Videos to See

Sites for videos of the great speakers:

Ted – Simply THE BEST speakers from around the world, recorded and organized here. Or, check out this spreadsheet of titles and descriptions.
Idea City – More outstanding talks from great speakers
PopTech – And yet another outstanding choice for some of the best talks you’ll hear online

World Perspectives

Shift Happens – This one got the conversation started. Here’s version 4
The Currency of the Future – in the “Shift Happens” format. Very interesting!
The World is Flat – Thomas Friedman’s talk at MIT. WATCH THIS!! Click Play now in the box above his picture. Real Player required
“Hot Flat and Crowded” – watch Thomas Friedman again talk about his book. Fascinating, regardless of your particular bent on the topic.
Clay Shirkey talking about his book, “Here Comes Everybody” (Here he is on PopTech – a different talk) And here he is on Ted, talking about Mobile social media. Very interesting.
Are You Paying Attention? – an eyeopener
Education is preparation for.. – a video by Kristen Hokansen
By Michael Wesch:
The Machine is Us/ing Us – VERY cool! And another one that’s very interesting, him talking about how YouTube is changing our cultures.
Portal to Media Literacy – another Wesch video that I think is a must see. “There are no digital natives with Web 2.0 tools.” And check out his Netvibes page for an example of a great resource page for his students.
Brave New World Wide Web – another excellent vision
More here
Why Let Our Students Blog? – The title says it all
42 – An interesting perspective on authentic audiences
1620 – Can you guess the significance of that number?
180 Days – How many days do we REALLY teach out of the 180 allotted?
The Exploding Walls Project – perspectives of 8th graders
When I Grow Up – What will the world be like?
Audience Matters – why it’s important for kids to have a REAL audience
“When I become a teacher” – another must-see (Created by teachers in PA!)
Why Teach Technology? – er… shouldn’t that be, “Why teach WITH technology?”
Some perspective – Look what’s going on in Dubai. When each segments ends you can click again to continue the story. Or view this one. Or any of theseThe World – beyond words. Still think the U.S. rules? Check out THIS skyscraper!
Three Steps to 21st Century Learning – interesting
Students in a 21st Century World – an interesting perspective
The well-connected student in the 21st Century – a Youtube video (
This is how we Dream (Part 1) – a fascinating talk about the changes taking place in how we communicate.
This is how we dream (Part 2) – make sure you watch both parts. From Richard Miller, Rutgers.



Skype in the Classroom – It has a happy ending
Amanda’s story – you’ll never look at autism the same way again
Ted Talks – THE BEST videos of THE BEST speakers in the world! (Sir Kenneth Robinson) (Watch this one!)
Social Media Revolution – VERY well done video showing the need to recognize social media. It’s NOT going away. Another version.

The Animal School – Click the blue rectangle

Anti-Bullying video – WATCH THIS! This one gives me goosebumps every time I see it.
A list of ten Commencement and “Last Speeches” – great viewing
Scott McLeod’s k12online Conference presentation about Disruptive Technology – VERY well worth watching
The Lost Generation – Watch to the end!



Copyright and Fair Use – very cute!
Evan Williams talks about Twitter on TED. Wanna know what Twitter is all about? Check this out.
Privacy vs Facebook – if you know someone with a facebook account, send this to them
Creative Commons video – this tells what creative commons is all about
RSS in Plain English – Maybe this will help
Twitter in Plain English – This will explain it for sure
Social Bookmarking in Plain English – another good one
Podcasting in Plain English – they keep coming up with new ones.
CBS report on SecondLIfe – amazing
Jimmy Wales talks about wikipedia. Or THIS ONE on Ted.

Think before you post – make your students watch this. Then this
The Futures Channel – videos of all kinds
PopTech! – More great videos (Thomas Friedman video)



When BOOKS were new technology – 🙂
The Internet Has Crashed – oh NO!! (From 2007, but very clever. From The Onion. Rated PG)
The Problem with PowerPoint – a funny video from Don McMillan
Can’t Touch This – an example of Machinima



And this one I find to be a beautiful moment – Share this with your music loving friends

Oh heck.. check out Scott Mcleod’s list of videos. If it’s not there, it’s probably not worth watching. 🙂
And, check out this group of pictures with interesting quotes. Not videos, but good nonetheless.


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