These are some of the titles and themes of Keynote addresses that I have given in the past. I can also customize one for your event.

The Impact of Social Media

How has social media changed our world? Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Diigo, are social sites that allow us to connect in ways never before possible. Twitter has even changed radio and TV, turning them into two way mediums. In this talk I will show how schools can use social media to engage students and parents alike.

Top Ten Game-Changers

Since 2001 there has been an impossible evolution that has taken place online. Tools have been invented that truly do change everything about what we’re able to do in school as well as how we’re able to do it. This presentation shows those game changers and encourages the audience to learn more about them.

This Changes Everything

In this presentation I point to a variety of web tools that can dramatically and immediately change how kids work with and interact with your content. This is a good workshop to get your teachers excited about the many tools and applications on the web that “change everything”.

What Does Digital Literacy Look like?

In this presentation I will address effective researching skills and managing those resources, leveraging RSS to bring information to you, interpreting data, and having a truly global perspective. It’s about document management and much more.

Rethinking Your Computer Classes

If our computer classes are still focused on teaching Microsoft Office, then we’re missing a wonderful opportunity to teach some of the skills that our students need NOW in order to be successful today.

Why School Is More Important Than Ever

This was the title of my TedX Talk. This presentation presents thought provoking ideas into ways we need to engage our teachers and students to encourage them to learn and not just be able to pass the tests.

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